SC x NIB No Stress 16 tour

Video and edit by Taylor DeHart from this years Skate Colorado/Name In Blood skate/camp trip...



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New Spring 16 Skate Colorado DOSC Pentagram T

So the Division Of Skate Colorado Pentagram logo was originally brought to my attention by my screen printer Derrick at Apollo Ink in Boulder. It was an idea for a screen print on the back of a coaches jacket. But I passed on it. I had a couple dozen jackets made with the round DOSC patches I had lying around instead. Which turned out killer! But I still loved the Pentagram design?! So what better way to get it out there than have it screened not only on the back of a black t-shirt but also a small left crest print on the front! Reminiscent of the mid to late 80's when it all started for me. Think I had all the Powell and Peralta shirts back then! 

These bad boys can be found at your finer skateboard shops and on line here! Check them out! Pentagram coozies available real soon. And who knows maybe i'll put it on some coaches jackets this fall? Stay tuned...

Thanks to Phil for the above photo and Derrick for the design idea.

As always thanks for the support.

Skate Colorado

Whiskey Tee

Have a few Medium's left... They run big! That's what I wear. Just FYI!

Boulder, Co. Run by Skateboarders.

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New Spring 16 Skate Colorado Great Trips & Good Friends T

The new Great Trips & Good Friends T is inspired by the unreal skateboarding and camping terrain we have here in beautiful Colorado. Super comfy and light weight. Sport Grey. One color print. Nice and affordable!

What's better than the warm summers and hopping in the car with your crew to go skate and camp in the mountains? Not much if you ask me! So here's to summer quickly approaching and hitting the road. See you there! Skate Colorado 

Thanks to the man Travis Towe for creating this sick graphic! And Kim Cook for the photo of Charlie Martin.

Whiskey Tee


photo: Lewie Lamm

Leadville skatepark. Team rider:John "Dana" Allison. Photo:Taylor DeHart


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New Spring 16 Skate Colorado Sleep font T

I call it the Sleep font after the band Sleep. But the font actually was used by Black Sabbath on their Volume 4 record back in the 70's! So the band Sleep actually borrowed it from Sabbath more than likely?! But who really cares! I'm a huge fan of both bands and so is Travis Towe who i asked to create it for me. So thank you again Travis. I tried this logo on some green and white raglan's last year. Not a huge seller? I guess not everyone can where green sleeves? But i can't let it go so i had to try it on a simple plain white T. Super comfy T albeit it! Small left crest print only. One color. More affordable! So we'll see what happens this year?! Oh and if you are by chance interested in the green and white raglan's? I have a few left here on line! Wink, wink! 

Thanks Coburn Huff for the image. Thanks John "Dana" Allison for representing!

Skate Colorado, Sleep and Sabbath!!!

Whiskey Tee


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Line Time Noah Schott Team Skate Colorado

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A few of the #skatecolorado 's latest Instagram pic's for WTD Home Page

Looking good people! Check out and follow these folks!

@philmckenziephoto @bobblack74 @magnacarter1215 @taylordehart

Thanks for tagging skatecolorado. Colorado's skateboarding apparel brand. This is who we are. You know what to do. Skate Colorado. 193

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End of Summer Sale on Beer Boys Merch

Men's T-Shirts M-XL now only $10.99. A few XXL's left now only $12.99.

Women's Scoop neck T-Shirts now only $14.99. Only Grey Small's left.

Mesh Snap Back Trucker hats now only $10.99. Only Blk/Wht and Wht/Blk's left. No solid Black. Sorry.


 Pullover Hoody's now only $18.99. Limited colors and sizes.

Plenty of Vinyl left. Sorry Vinyl is not on Sale. Fresh batch of garage stickers in all 4 logo's recently printed. All Domestic orders over $30.00 get free shipping and free stickers.

Whiskey Tee

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Latest #skatecolorado photo's on Home Page

Looking good dudes! Check out and follow these peeps!

@sk8parkmark @skate.explore @taylordehart @chrislehsucks

Thanks for tagging skatecolorado. The Lifestyle Brand for people who Love to Skate Colorado. This is who we are. You know what to do.

Whiskey Tee

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New Vintage long sleeve and Sleep Colorado Raglan's

White Long Sleeve with Front and back prints. Vintage Skatopia skatepark logo design.

Green and White Raglan. Sleep font offered with or without the leaf.

In Stock now on line. Sign up for news letter and get 10% off your order. Free shipping on domestic orders over $30. And as always free stickers included with all orders.

Thanks for your Support. Skate Colorado!

Whiskey Tee

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So you may or may not know? But at the bottom of the Whiskey Tee homepage there are hash tagged skatecolorado photos from Instagram. Picked out every week by yours truly to be featured on the opening page. I'm looking for obviously shots with skatecolorado products in them!  Wether it is a sticker, shirt, hat whatever? Or just killer shots of your local skater and or local spot. It's a pretty cool feature to be able to go to the website on your mobile device or home computer and scroll down to see if you made it on the site! I So keep doing what your doing and you may end up getting a little more exposure on the Whiskey Tee website! As always thank you for supporting and hash tagging skatecolorado...! Have fun!

Whiskey Tee

Here are a few examples of the latest additions...


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