The Results Are In!

Tsedeq from Ftckills takes top honors in the LOTF2014 Instagram best transition contest. He killed it with a switch invert revert?!! WTF? So Sick! Check the vid again cause it takes a few watches to comprehend. Rad footy by Taylor DeHart. Thanks and big ups to all that entered. Stoked on the overwhelming response! I know I had fun watching all the clips. Thanks again to Jeremy at Crisis Skateboards for including Skatecolorado.



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  • Ambarwati says...

    These goals are so wonderful! I love that you’re doainntg to a charity with christmas. I also have to finish the 30 day drawing challenge. Just like you I started very well, but after a week or it became difficult to draw everyday – so that’s a good resolution. Moreover I hope to spend more time with friends!xoxo, Femke

    April 08, 2015

  • Fabiano says...

    I have a question- I tried to make the insragtam/blurb book that you had the special on over the weekend, but kept coming up with 2 errors, 1. it wanted the book to be 59 pages, and I couldn’t figure out how to decrease the number- so for a November book, would they be two page spreads, or is there a way? 2. I couldn’t get it to stop ‘slurping’ and let me choose the photos I wanted from the get-go, so I had to keep deleting the photos they added to place my choices on the pages… I doing something wrong?

    April 04, 2015

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