Kevin Kowalski and Nick Peterson skate Colorado

Daniel Evans (Bacon Skateboards filmer) stopped through town with some Portland heads on their way out to Florida to pick up Zach Cusano a week back... Got a little I phone action of Kevin Kowalski and Nick Peterson. Kevin casually shredded the thing making it look all too easy. Nick was crushing every piece of coping in his path. Zach was in Zach attack mode (what i like to call it) speeding around missing up his bag of tricks. Billy Sparks got his egg in the side pocket. And Lenore got the deathbox both ways in one run. Jimmy Leaphart aka Mouth of the South was in the area with some friends on their way to see Steel Pulse that night. Of course he had us in stiches with his banter of yester year! Good times in SkateColorado.






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