Greeley Streetstyle Contest

The Lookout Skateshop and the boys from The Refuge (an indoor skatepark) in Greeley got together and put on a contest for the local skaters this past Sunday. It was held at Peakview park which is an old metal pre fab ramp style skatepark.

The Lookout skateshop just celebrated their one year anniversary but that was not the focus. They wanted to put on an event for the community of Greeley and raise awareness with the city on the importance and need for a larger, better concrete skate park.

The contest was run in a street league style format. Points were given for tricks landed rather than judges determining who the winner is. Each skater wore a colored bandana that corresponded with their score that you could check online at

Points were awarded on four elements, flatgound, rail, box and launch ramp! Point leaders advanced to the finals which was on a bank ramp kicker to kinked hand rail.

The turn out for this contest was far greater than anyone had exceeded. Killer job and thanks for the invite!

 Shout outs to Eric and Shane at the Lookout Skateshop and Jeff, Eric and Keith at The Refuge.

High Fives!

Whiskey Tee

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  • Carolyn Smith says...

    this was an amazing day. So much fun. Weather cooperates. All kids were great. Let’s vote for a new improved skate park for Greeley. These kids deserve it.

    June 13, 2015

  • Riley Holcomb says...

    Can’t believe what heroh did yesterday. He is really good and cool. ??????

    May 18, 2015

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