Slash Camp/Guest Post By Emily Oliver

Denver local ripper and Bad Egg zine maker Ashley Mott decided to put on a weekend of skating and DIY for the ladies. She chose 4 backyard spots around the city. At each stop there was ripping skating going on and a DIY project. Saturday started at Donnie's with the ladies helping on a pour in his backyard. Unfortunately due to the week's previous rain fall there was not a lot of skating going on. A few girls were able to get some lines in on the obstacles that were skateable. 


 With black clouds looming the crew headed to Ash's backyard on the other side of town. Since it was pouring rain Ash and Tim let us use their screen printing set up to make our own Slash Camp tees. She also let everyone pick a gift bag filled with goodies from the events sponsors. Before we knew it the skies cleared, the bowl dried up and one of the best sessions I have ever been apart of began. The level of skating was inspiring and the good vibes were flowing. There was not only the Colorado crew but girls from both coasts representing.

The line up at Ash's

Cressy and Brittany

Sunday started off at the Whiskey T bowl. The sun was out and like the day before there was amazing skating going on. Ash brought a button making machine to make Slash Camp buttons.




Again the clouds moved over, rain drops started to fall and the crew moved to Jerry's aka the recycler. Shortly after everyone got there the rain stopped, the ramp dried and the session started. By the 4th session everyone had become close and were sad the weekend was coming to an end. Ash had one more DIY project to make a puzzle out of wood pieces everyone had painted. It was so great seeing old friends and making new ones, everyone left stoked and excited about next year.



Thanks so much to Ash, Tim and all the sponsors Stance, Skatecolorado, 303 Boards, Crisis, The Lookout, Conspiracy, Name In Blood, NHS, and the Pendant Wrapper.

The weekend was extra special for me to show my 9 year old daughter, who really just got into skating, how rad it is to be a girl skater and part of an amazing community of love and support.








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  • Ilene says...

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    May 27, 2017

  • Tricia Towey says...

    Hi, super stoked for the ladies Slash Camp, August 5-7 in Summit and Park Counties. Is it still on??? Just hoping to get some details. Thanks for your time. Thanks for supporting the LADIES who skate!!!


    July 13, 2016

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