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New Spring 16 Skate Colorado DOSC Pentagram T

So the Division Of Skate Colorado Pentagram logo was originally brought to my attention by my screen printer Derrick at Apollo Ink in Boulder. It was an idea for a screen print on the back of a coaches jacket. But I passed on it. I had a couple dozen jackets made with the round DOSC patches I had lying around instead. Which turned out killer! But I still loved the Pentagram design?! So what better way to get it out there than have it screened not only on the back of a black t-shirt but also a small left crest print on the front! Reminiscent of the mid to late 80's when it all started for me. Think I had all the Powell and Peralta shirts back then! 

These bad boys can be found at your finer skateboard shops and on line here! Check them out! Pentagram coozies available real soon. And who knows maybe i'll put it on some coaches jackets this fall? Stay tuned...

Thanks to Phil for the above photo and Derrick for the design idea.

As always thanks for the support.

Skate Colorado

Whiskey Tee

Have a few Medium's left... They run big! That's what I wear. Just FYI!

Boulder, Co. Run by Skateboarders.

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"The Backyard Beast"

This is the Shit!

Lindsey Kuhn of Conspiracy Skateboards has created a very cool concept for a new Skate Zine. It's called the "The Backyard Beast" and it's a little history into the people that own them and gives them respect and gratitude for their efforts and dedication to the love of skateboarding. 

This first issue is a look at "The Recycler" and Jerry Hahn of negativeion. Jerry lays out the pages with past recollections of him building and skating wood creations starting in the Carolina's and Ohio. And then his move to Colorado and the wood scene here. It all leads up to the creation of "The Recycler".

A must read! The zine coincides with the release of a new Conspiracy Skateboards "Recycler" deck graphic that adds homage to this sick "Backyard Beast" project. Love it dudes!

Where can you find these bad ass little pieces of DIY knowledge you ask? Well for one they will be included in any online orders from Conspiracy Skateboards or from Whiskey Tee Distribution, and of course through finer skate shops around town.

Check out the new "Recycler" decks online at and for sick skate history through the mind of Jerry Hahn go here

Whiskey Tee

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