SkateColorado / est. 2002

New Spring 16 Skate Colorado DOSC Pentagram T

So the Division Of Skate Colorado Pentagram logo was originally brought to my attention by my screen printer Derrick at Apollo Ink in Boulder. It was an idea for a screen print on the back of a coaches jacket. But I passed on it. I had a couple dozen jackets made with the round DOSC patches I had lying around instead. Which turned out killer! But I still loved the Pentagram design?! So what better way to get it out there than have it screened not only on the back of a black t-shirt but also a small left crest print on the front! Reminiscent of the mid to late 80's when it all started for me. Think I had all the Powell and Peralta shirts back then! 

These bad boys can be found at your finer skateboard shops and on line here! Check them out! Pentagram coozies available real soon. And who knows maybe i'll put it on some coaches jackets this fall? Stay tuned...

Thanks to Phil for the above photo and Derrick for the design idea.

As always thanks for the support.

Skate Colorado

Whiskey Tee

Have a few Medium's left... They run big! That's what I wear. Just FYI!

Boulder, Co. Run by Skateboarders.

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Team SkateColorado Rider Xavier. Pics by Michael Parris

Love getting text messaged sick photos of one of your Team guys! Mr. Parris owner of Name In Blood Skateboards hit me up Friday with a couple of shots of X! I was stoked to say the least!

Lofty ollie in Northside's jersey barrier section.


 Thanks again Mike! Check out @nameinbloodsk8boards on Instagram and Facebook. Support Colorado skateboarding!  SkateColorado...

Whiskey Tee

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SkateColorado Spring/Summer 2015 BBQ/session. Last Part. All photos: Coburn Huff

Noah and Jeff. Vans, Dickies and SkateColorado gear. For the young and the old! Some things just go well together. Why change?!

Noah Schott back smith.

Whiskey boardslide.

Xavier Manzanares back tail.

Xavier Manzanares frontside air!

My reaction to the good times had! Thanks everyone for coming out and supporting SkateColorado's newest release. We will do it again!

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SkateColorado Saturday


Started off at A4. Noah Schott had these crail to tail smacks on lock all morning!

Met up with a Ft. Collins crew at Mike P's. Dana boosting a slob fast plant in the deep!

Jaeson hucking stalefish's in the 9'.

Had to get some runs in at Tuck's next. Dana had never been there before. Smooth as butter crailslides every run!

Finished off the day at the Whiskey bowl. Session was already brewing with Nick Peterson, Zach Cusano of Bacon Skateboards and a bunch of local heads. Nick with a huge traveling lien to tail smack!


Edit and I-phone photo's by yours truly,

Whiskey Tee

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SkateColorado Spring/Summer 2015 BBQ/session. Part Two. All Photos: Coburn Huff

Knucks homie!

Long sleeve with print down both sleeves in navy. Mesh snap back trucker hat with Est. 2002 logo in navy. Raglan (blk sleeves/wht body with Invert logo) Art courtesy Kevin Furlong. Mesh snap back trucker hat with Est. 2002 logo in black.

Noah Schott back tail over the shallow stairs.

Short sleeve Est. 2002 logo in black.

Noah Schott crailslide.

Jeff Wastell back smith.

New Round Division of Skate Colorado Stickers.

Alex Buncy slob air.

Stay tuned for more...

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New Team SkateColorado member / John aka Dana Allison / Footage and Edit from Taylor DeHart

 Stoked to have another ripper from the north represent SkateColorado! Hell yeah Dana! Welcome to the Team!


Dana back tails a steep extension at Buzzy Lite's. Photo: Taylor DeHart



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Xavier Manzanares Team SkateColorado

 So this is a few years back but it doesn't matter. X doing what he does! Stoked to have him on Team SkateColorado... Footage by Lewie Lamm. Commentary by Whiskey and Lewie.  Enjoy!!







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SkateColorado Spring/Summer 2015 BBQ/session. Part One. All photos: Coburn Huff

Had a little gathering with some friends to show off the "New" SkateColorado Spring/Summer 2015 line.  Long sleeve with print down both sleeve's in navy.

Cleaning up before gettin' down.

Raglan (blk sleeves/wht body with Invert logo) Art courtesy Kevin Furlong. Mesh trucker snap back in black with Est. 2002 logo.

In between runs.

Women's racerback tank with retro logo in vintage navy. Mesh trucker snap back in navy with Est. 2002 logo.

Lenore Sparks frontside grind shallow stairs.

Chuck Pontone inverted.

Alex Buncy finger flip lien to tail.

Stay tuned for more... 







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