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SC x NIB No Stress 16 tour

Video and edit by Taylor DeHart from this years Skate Colorado/Name In Blood skate/camp trip...



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Featured Friday with Mike Parris - Owner of Name In Blood Boards

I've been pondering about a new blog segment for Fridays that will feature products related to the website. So this week is a shout out to local board company Name In Blood. I recently sat down and interviewed Mike to get a little history on him and his Company. Here yah go!

WT.  So Mike I here your from Texas?

MP. Yep. Born and raised in Texas. East Texas. Nacogdoches. Nacagnowhere is what we called it! There was about 5 or 6 of us in the town that skated. Moved to Colorado when I was 18, back in 95.

WT. And what brought you to Colorado?

MP. Well I had seen some Beastie Boys videos back when I was a kid. You know everybody liked the Beastie Boys back then! And I think it was MCA that was into snowboarding a little bit so I had seen some snowboarding before the X Games and the Dew Tour and the Bro Brah!! So I decided I needed to check it out for myself after growing up in Texas where you didn't see snow. So that led me to move to Vail. First day I pulled up in my car into a parking structure I heard skateboards and met all my first friends right then and there you know. It was just a bunch of skaters that wanted to try out snowboarding. So I snowboarded an just skated the parking structures for a few seasons. But that got old if you can imagine that?! So I talked to my good friend Chad who had an apartment in downtown Denver and he let me stay there for the winter when he was up in the mountains.and that moved me to Denver. And I've been here ever since!

WT. Talk about the history and your motivation behind starting the company if you will sir!

MP. Well a lot of people that know me here in Colorado know that I worked in skateshops. Worked at Emage in Denver for quite a few years. Then I opened Community in Arvada with some business partners. But we realized that Community wasn't gonna work. Unfortunately it just wasn't gonna do it. It took me a little longer to give up on it than everyone else. But then I too realized I couldn't do it anymore, so I had to go back to working full time. You know make some money for a change! But I still wanted to be involved with skateboarding. I had spent the last few years helping kids and being a part of it. Running a team and this and that. An old friend of mine said you should do a skateboard company but it was different than what I was thinking. So I kept pushing him away for awhile. No, no, but in the end I thought why won't I do it? You know it will keep me involved with skateboarding. We only have a few skateboard companies here in Colorado. It's not like the industry scene is blown out here. We have so much good stuff going on I was like yeah let's do this! So I started thinking what a cool name might be? Something that might appeal to people. So I took my favorite song by Black Sabbath, NIB and made a name out of it. And that became the birth of Name In Blood.

At the time I was skating and hanging out with Jeremy Barber a lot. And he had a lot of art direction for me as far as what I was telling him about NIB. So with all his direction and us being tight buds already I decided to make him the art director. And that works out pretty awesome. Hyped on everthing he's done so far and I think shits gonna get crazy in the future. A long with that I was skating with Kevin Fread a lot. He was a big supporter out at my days of Community as a friend and just supporting his local skate shop. He wanted to be a part of NIB and I definitely didn't want to half to take on all of the responsibilities so I decided to have him be in charge of the soft goods part of the company. So it's ended up where it's myself, and Kevin as far as NIB and Jeremy Barber as our art director and I'm stoked on it!

WT. When would you say NIB was established?

MP. That's hard to say cause we printed like ten boards here and ten boards there at least for 6 months. But about a year and a half a go I started working with Paul Schmitt to create what we're actually doing and be solid with what we're doing now. Tim Mott and I had been talking about what I was doing and he made the introduction for me with Paul. Paul's been really cool and has worked with us as far as our minumins to get started. So i would say a year and a half ago it started.

WT. What do we got for shapes and sizes?

MP. Right now we have 3 different shapes and sizes. We have an 8.5 popsicle a 9" popsicle which a lot of companies do not have yet! Then we have what I like to call a fun shaped 9. Old school but not so old school kind of a Welcome style shape you know. Square nose, square tail with a little fish in there. It's cool. Only 9 at the widest part. Skates like a 8.75. Then we have two new sizes we're working with PS Stix on right now. So with our next order we will have a new graphic and two new sizes. 8.25 popsicle and a 8.75. with a square tail and a rounded nose. Fun shape. Kevin and I just took turns skating a sample of it at the Arvada park and loved it. So by the end of July we will have 5 sizes. An 8.25, 8.5, 8.75 and two 9's.

WT. Whose on the team player?!

MP. The official NIB team is John Allison aka Dana aka over it from Ft. Collins. Dude rips, Market skateshop. 2nd we have Trevor Uriona which I feel like a lot of people might not know he's on the team because he had been working so hard on the 303 video Land Race that just came out. Check it out yo! Then we have Shaun "Tud" Gonzales. Everybody has seen this dude ripping around CO. Good dude. He always has a place in this guys heart from the Community days even. And then we have Mr. Kyle Smith. He's like my little brother so even after he turns old he'll still be a part of the team somehow?! And then both of our filmers really. Taylor Dehart. I don't know if you've ever seem him skate but he skates better than 90% of the people I know! So he's officially team if you ask me you know and then Coburn Huff skates super tough as well. When we go together as a crew you know those dudes are taking photos of each other, so shit there the team player! That's the team!

WT. What about the NIB family I'm always hearing about?

MP. Well hey man I've made a lot of family since I moved here. So the family would be all the homies, the SPB homies here in Denver, the Arvada Army homies. The people we skate with that might end up getting a rad photo, some footage or whatever when we're out an about skating cause that's what we all like to do. And it's a way for everybody to kinda be a part of what I'm doing, it's the NIB family.  Then there are dudes like Ricky for instance who is destroying shit and he has shown interest in being part of the team. So the family is a way for him to start off with. It's kind of like our amateurs you know. I guess in the pro world you have pro and am. Well all of us are am because we are an am company but it's a way for other people to be involved and work with Taylor and Coburn. To see what they can produce and who knows one day we might be able to grow the NIB team bigger. We're small so it's all about building to be bigger and better.

WT. Where can the people out there find Name In Blood boards?

MP. So far We are at Market skateshop in Ft. Collins. Meta skateshop in Boulder. Crisis skateshop in Broomfield (what up Fuzz!) Emage in downtown Denver and last but not least 303 boardshop on Colfax. And we are coming for all YOU core shops in CO!  And of course we are found on line with you Whiskey Tee Distribution.

WT. What's in future? The big picture?

MP. Well you know being in CO specifically the Denver area for the last however amount of years you see dudes that are really good but have moved other places to make it or to at least chase the dream. I think the big picture is to make NIB a company big enough to support some of these dudes with there dreams of being pro skaters. Our scene is just as good in CO as any other scene out there. I've spent 41/2 months MC'ing skateboard contests in 06 and at the end of it I just wanted to get back here. I feel like our scene here is good enough to breed a company that can grow enough to turn guys pro. Have guys make a couple bucks on boards. I think that's everybody's dream you know. When I was a kid it was like one day I wanna be a pro skateboarder. So I didn't have the skills but some of these dudes do. I think it's sad that we see them move to California to chase skateboarding when they can just stay here and do it here. I think we have a rad scene and I've seen small companies in other states make it possible for them to do it so why can't we do it here in CO?

WT. Word. I agree!

MP. Right? Let's do it!

WT.  Shout outs?

MP. Well always my lady Eartha fine. She has my back so that's cool. All my SPB homies. All my team dudes. Once again John, Trevor, Tud, Kyle, Taylor, Coburn. All the family. All the family's. Kevin my co owner handling the soft goods. Jeremy my Art director. Tim Mott and Paul Schmitt. Big shout outs to the Arvada Army homies. Shout out to you! Shout outs to everyone! All the shops that carry us. Everyone we do slappy's with on the regular. We got a lot going on here in CO so big shout out to Colorado skateboarding!

WT. Amen! Thanks Mike!

MP. Thank you Whiskey!







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